Just finished my newest baby

She or he lol is an oldie and a limited edition of 200 and I had the hardest time with neutralizing and rooting her hair grrrrrr. Her head was so hard even though I used a warm sock for rooting. I hope you enjoy seeing her. Picture Heavy


So sweet! :two_hearts:

This baby is sooooo cute!!! Which sculpt is this? :two_hearts:


Precious! :heart_eyes:

Thanks Dollymommas :slightly_smiling_face:. She is Cassie by Alicia Toner.


So precious!

She’s adorable! I love her round little tummy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: she looks nice and squishy

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Super cute. I love the knitted outfits especially the girly one

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What a cute face!

What an angel! She’s a cutie!

Good night, she’s darling!!

such a little cutie!!! Did you knit her outfits?

Oh my!!! How adorable!!!

Thank you everyone. Cherielynn09, I did not knit the outfit. I had someone knit for me a long time ago and or the life of me, I can’t remember her name. Wish I could because she was just awesome at it :(((.

Soooo cute :heart::heart_eyes: