Just finished moby, and noticed I scratched her eye lid with

my rooting needle, I have to look close under a light, to see it, but I was gonna list her on ebay, Now I’ll have to sell her as boo boo baby, makes me mad at myself, lol.

Try going over it with matte varnish. That may be enough to fill in the scratch.

What a bummer! I am sorry.
I have done that before but not real noticeable and have been able to file it down and you could not even tell.
You might want to at least try it?

thank you all so much, I’ve never had to repair anything like that and didnt know how, it is very small So maybe I’ll try the filing real softly and matt varnish, thanks again,

The matte varnish should fix it if it is just a scratch.

Let us know how it turns out