Just finished micro rooting Johannah no.1


Just finished micro rooting Johannah, just about to glue the inside and set the magnet for her pacifier. She should be together next week, and I will be making a start on Johannah no.2.


Amazing work!


thank you


Love love love :heart_eyes: I think this is my favorite of your babies!


Love it!! Awesome job!


and I don’t get to keep her as she’s already sold


She’s beautiful!


Do you use only water to style the hair or something else? It looks beautiful. You did a great job! Hair rooting goals!!!


I have a tiny bit of leave in conditioner in water, the hair is Delta Dawn and thats beautiful hair.




Goals! I wish I had the patience to do this. That is beautiful work!


Absolutely beautiful!!


Beautiful hair rooting!




I’m going to have to give this hair a try!


Beautiful realistic hair rooting!


Oh my goodness!! That is some fine rooting. It looks very realistic. Great job!!


believe me I don’t have patience for micro rooting, hence I don’t mono root though most of the hairs are single. It only took me about 5 days and I can only do a bit at a time cos of pain in my hands and arms.


Awesome rooting! She looks great!