Just born please meet Yasmin

hi ladie,s please meet Yasmin iv tried rooted eybrows on this baby , dont think ill be doing them again i found it quite difficult thanks for peeking magsbk

I love the eyebrows i think they look so natural, both my greatgrandsons have dark eyebrows,they were born with them and they are now 17mos and 8 mos. your baby is precious, really really beautiful and gorgeous hair


Those are the first rooted eyebrows I’ve seen that didn’t look awful. I think if you did them in a lighter hair color, they wouldn’t be so harsh. I like her though, and her hair looks great.

She is really cute… The eyebrows look great and I love her hair.

WOW!! I’m so in love!!! And the eyebrows are absolutely amazing!!! I’d LOVE to be able to do that!!

your baby is gorgeous! i think he or she looks very real. love the hair! what sculpt is that? congrats!

awwwwwwww thank you ladie,s i thought nobody liked her ,magsbk

very cute and I love that hair also, where do you get the hair? if it is ok to ask. and what needle do you use? thank you

That baby is beautiful, Love the lashes

what a beautiful job you have done look soooooooooooo real

Beautiful! I love the hair!!

She has a beautiful head of hair! I love your reborns, you do a beautiful job!

She’s beautiful and I love the hair, Wow so real looking . I know what you mean about the eyebrows Not the easiest things to root huh. I think you’ve done a great job of hers though, they look real for sure. I’ve seen many babies that have thick eyebrows, although they are unusual. I ended up plucking mine out and painting them!

Wow!! You made a beautiful baby. Your rooting is amazing and those eyebrows came out great. My grandsons also had very defined eyebrows since they were born and these remind me of theirs. It must have been quite a job to root them but they came our gorgeous. You have quite a knack for rooting, the hair of this baby is amazing.