Just born Azealia Eagles

Okay the pics were taken once it was getting dark and I had to stop for today. I used the flash for some and not for others, just using my phone. Obviously my sight isnt great right now so will decide tomorrow in good light if I’m finished and she is ready for nails and eyebrows. I was going for a just popped out AA baby.

I think the last one shows the skintone well, a darker/red skintone while the hands and feet are a paler skintone with purple tones in them. I have worked soooooo hard on this one trying to get her perfect. I’m dreading rooting her incase I mess her up :joy:


She looks beautiful! I feel your pain in the rooting dept lol. I bought what I considered an ugly kit to practice my techniques on and I’m glad I did. No worries about ruining her :heart_eyes:

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Thank you :blush:, I considered painted hair but I’m really not good at that lol. Om okay at rooting as long as I tell myself to go slow and be patient but patients is not my strongest forte :wink:

I absolutely love this kit. She’s beautiful.

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Thank you so much :blush:

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