Just a happy word

I just got an email from the new Mommy of my Stevie Alexa and she was so excited. It seems she had cancer and couldn’t have babies. For her anniversary, her husband bought her Stevie. She wrote that she saw Stevie and felt sad because she was a “boo-boo”. What if she was a real baby and no wanted her because she wasn’t perfect. It was such a sweet email. I think Stevie will be very healing for her. I have to praise her here because she really did have cancer. And she really did lose the chance to have children. And she really did all the things the moochers write us about. This was a real stretch for her hubbies wallet as I understand it, but he bought Stevie for her out of love. Did they ever ask me to lower her price or give me a sob story? NEVER! Bless the pair of them.


What a lovely story!

I think so too. Her husband must be so nice.


What an awesome story! Very heartwarming. :heart:

Beautiful!!! So nice to hear these kinds of stories! :smile:

That’s so sweet!

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What a great heartwarming story! Thank you for sharing!

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What a wonderful response. I am so glad you shared with us. It warms ones heart to hear it.

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So nice to know there are honest people out there too !! I have run into too many liars , and scammers lately on Ebay , so it is nice to hear a real story with a happy ending ! It is always such a nice feeling when you know your creation is able to bring someone so much happiness . Thanks for sharing !!

I love this!!!

Me, too!

Reading your post gave me goose bumps! What a heartwarming story. I too think that your Stevie will bring her healing. :love_letter:

Heart breaking and heart warming at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

Very nice!

She wrote to me again tonight to thank me again and to tell how excited she is. Stevie is on the way to her as we speak.


And this is what I got from her this morning! Isn’t it amazing and heartwarming?

“I am so very excited to hold Stevie in my arms. My mother bought a bassinet for her and is crocheting her a blanket from grandma! I assure you she will be loved by all! I will send you a picture the we get her! You have no clue what this means to me. I assure you from here on out we will only order new babies from you. Have a wonderful day sweetie!”


Wow! That’s wonderful!