Juniper Altenkirch - so many pics :)

I love her so much!!


Love your swirl :heart:

I love her! :heart_eyes:

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Wow she turned out so beautiful and real looking!

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She is amazing

Is she a keeper for you??? :heart::heart::heart: I hope so!!! Where did you find the pillow you are using for these pictures? I love it!

That pillow is a cat/small dog bed (20" I think) covered with a blanket :wink: Only the best for my cheap @ss. I got it at TJMaXXX

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Love her! Can’t wait to see what you’ll do to Lillebror. Inspire me!

Awesome swirl and I love her hands.

She’s so cuddly looking, so cute!

Absolutely PERFECT!!! I love her! She is definitely a little rainbow!

#6 and #8 are my faves!

Sweet rainbow girl! I love how you can see all the colors but they blend so softly and effortlessly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

She’s amazing :heart::heart:
Now that I’ve seen yours, there is someone selling her blank for $50…hmMmmm ugh I so ain’t supposed to buy more sculpts til I finish the few I’ve got here lol

Thank you all! I just love her to bits. She got cuter and cuter with every layer and when she was put together…:heart_eyes::heartpulse::boom: @SouthernLullabies who is selling her?

Oh, I talked to her. She was thinking about keeping Juniper. You better jump on her if you want her. That is a good price for a SOLE

I messaged her thru FB but no reply yet.