June is available!


Just bought her :slight_smile:

So excited!


Just got the email! Not going to buy her myself, but best of luck reborning her!


Got her too!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! TY to my bestest reborn friend!!


I just ordered her. :baby:


I got my kit and I’m thrilled. She will be my portrait baby.


Perfect match


Oh no!!! I need to sell a doll first.


Oh no! Do I want June awake or do I wait and get June asleep?! Which do you all think will sell better?


Very cute kit . Asleep will be avaiable soon .
Hard to decide which one we should get …maybe both :slight_smile:


I’d say sales for both will do well. But, the opened eye version is so darn cute!!


Def Both!


I want both. But at her size, I think the awake version will sell really well. That size baby is fun to pose. And her expression is adorable. The asleep version will sell really well too. She’s so realistic. I told myself I would just buy whichever one was released first. So awake June it is. As soon as she sells, I’ll probably buy the asleep version. :wink:


I am on a strict no more baby strike until I sell a baby! :pensive:


Well I tried to resist but she ended up in my cart anyway :laughing:


No resistance on my part at all! That you BB!!