June Asleep 7 month WIP

I am working on June asleep right now and I have to say she is such a beautiful kit! I would love any feedback or advice. I feel like she needs to be darker but I’ve done wash after wash and feel like I am getting no where. I still need to do another creasing layer and her eyebrows but other than that I am lost. Any help is much appreciated!

(She looks yellower than she actually is in the last two photos. The lighting just wasn’t good today)


She looks gorgeous! I wouldn’t do much more to her, other than finishing touches. She’s the first sleeping June I’ve seen that made me want the kit, so I think you did a great job! What color hair will she have?

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Wow thank you so much :purple_heart: She is fun to do! I’m thinking a dark brown, but I may go with a lighter brown. Not totally sure, but I’m totally open to suggestions!

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I think she looks great as she is!


Either would look great! She’s really pretty! Makes me wish I could afford bb kits lol I want her and a few others

Love her soft skin tones!

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Thanks! I was lucky to scoop her up as a seconds on sale. Are you in another country? I’ve heard customs are really high :frowning:

Thank you!
@kareninflorida Thank you too! I was hoping for a softer skin tone for her.

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Yeah, I’m in Canada. customs fees and shipping costs make it almost impossible, and it makes “expensive” kits actually cheaper than buying from bb. I only buy paints from there though so sometimes I have to just suck it up and pay the cost, it just means I can get less. But I need June, and Aria, probably Johannah too and possibly Leif :rofl:

Oh how cute is she!!

The real June is a very pale baby, yours looks good now I wouldn’t mess with her much.:footprints::baby:

Oh my word! She’s perfect!

I think she has beautiful colouring for a seven month baby :blush:

She looks great! love the tones. :heart_eyes:

Love love love her beautiful complexion :heart_eyes: