June 7 Month


Uhm…“take it all away” from who she is?? It IS her! lol Babies change, you know,…but still remain the same person/human being… :wink: These realborns are REAL persons.

Sorry, but some comments are just too silly. :rofl:


I didn’t notice her having thin lips both times I met her…

Here is a picture of her asleep from her kit listing


Never mind please.


simply wonderful! Already launched ?!


Thank you for your affection, education and kindness.


I just have to chime in:grinning: June doesn’t have super thin lips but she would always suck them in when she was sleeping and when seemed to be thinking things over when she was newborn. So when they scanned her she always sucked in her lips. On her 7 month old scans then we pulled her bottle out right when we scanned her asleep so that her lips were more how they naturally are. And then in her awake version she gave us that cute little smirk. I love each one of the expressions because I get to see them everyday on her. When she is studying something or smiling or asleep with her lips relaxed. I absolutely love both the awake and the asleep prototypes that the amazing artists did. I also love seeing all the different versions that people do of her.


I just can’t WAIT to get these adorable kits ~ I want to make twins! :heart: :heart:

Working on newborn June Awake now and she is precious!


I am so excited to see your versions! Do you plan on getting the torso with your kits?


Ann…she is so precious and my favorite kit at BB!! I can’t wait to get both versions but the awake I’m really loving. She’s just an adorable baby!!


I have both awake and asleep newborn. I’ve reborned the asleep and can’t wait to get to the awake kit. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I can’t wait to see them!


Absolutely! Love them! :smile:


I didn’t mean anything by what I said. My first granddaughter did the same thing as a baby. She’s 6 now. It’s probably why June is my favorite kit because they are so similar to me. Enjoy her everyday…it’s such a blessing.:heart:


I’m in love with the 7 month June asleep kit. All the June kits are precious, but this scan is my favorite! What a little doll! I can’t wait for it to be available.
It’s really sweet that we all get to watch her grow in front of our eyes. What a gift that they are sharing their precious baby with us. :heart_eyes:


I am in love too! I just want to hold her lol.


Hey guys I just wanted to know does anyone know the actual date that June 7 month will be released in April? The lady reborn artist is going away at the end of the month and it’s a birthday present to myself so I’m really praying and hoping it will be at the start it would be the world to me she’s such a beautiful realborn @bbsupport


I hope!! Can’t wait for her!!


They don’t ever tell us an exact date the kits will be released. Even the estimate could be wrong. Might be in April. Might not. :woman_shrugging:t2: