June 7 Month


I am completely in love with this kit, both asleep and awake, could you inform me when it will be released for sale on the site? Thank you very much.


According to the website, she’ll be released in March.


Thank you Deedee, and the sleep you know when?


Both asleep and awake should be available in March.


Saw this beautiful version too Reborn by the amazing Linda Hill. Yes this is a reborn! June Asleep as well she is just so amazing!


Oh my so realistic!


That doesn’t look like her. Her mouth is so different.


That top picture with the red hat is newborn June. She’s already available.


I know :slight_smile: I was the first to review her. I’m talking about the picture that katie posted.


Sorry, I was responding to @CarlaNM. She posted the newborn pic with a question about the 7 month kit release. She might be happy to know that the smiley sleeper is the newborn version that she can get hold of right now. :slight_smile:


It looks like for the 7 month sleeping version, they gave her a more relaxed bottom lip.:slightly_smiling_face:


Oops! Sorry- I should have mentioned- this is the 7 month June Asleep not newborn. Gosh I’m so in love!


@katieperry that doesn’t look anything like June :frowning: If you look at the pictures Carla posted.


Yes, I understand- she posted the Newborn June Asleep and the 7 month June awake. I just wanted to come by and show you guys the new 7 month June Asleep.

(Maybe I’m not explaining this right, someone please chime in- thanks )


June is one of my faves- I made the sleeping version 2 times :slight_smile:


I adore the newborn Asleep version, I think I am equally if not more in love with this older one!


I really like both the awake and asleep 7 month June. I will probably only do the asleep one though.


I am loving the full lips on 7 month June asleep :heart:
I actually added a bottom lip on my newborn June asleep that I painted.


Uhm…already 3 threads on 7 month June?!? Wow lol


I think the full lips take it all away from who June is…I loved her the way she was born. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: