June 7 month body


So is it true I have wasted money buying the body recommended? I can’t afford just to buy bodies, being out of work on my own. I go by the prototypes and I assume when I see a prototype that the kit and parts used are what BB sell cos I think if they use anything different we should be advised.

So the question is, is that #300 body too small? Shes only supposed to be a 7 month old, a 28" body makes her as big as my 1 to 18 month old todders.


Yeah, I’d imagine so. I used the 300 body on my Joseph and everyone commented saying it looked too small for him. And June is bigger than Joseph :frowning: I’m with you on not being able to afford to keep buying different ones til you find the right one. They should advertise the correct one for the kit, not one that “might” work


yes same, I swapped it for a fatter body as he looked too thin given his big limbs and head. I have a left over toddler body, so hoping that one will fit


Yup, it looks a bit weird but I don’t have the money or time to buy a new one. The other one recommended was out of stock. I asked the forum, they said 300 would be fine but then after i bought it and they said it was too small they said to use Kenzie/Amelia’s body. Not the most helpful after I’ve already bought it lol


@RoseannsBoutique designed an appropriate size body for 3 month Joseph when he came out. It should be perfect for June too. The two babies are very similar in size. Roseann also just designed a body for their torso. But I think it’s too skinny to be used without the torso.


yeah cos when you’re overseas theres the cost of postage which is much more than the cost of the body


I am actually considering using Emmy’s body. The body the suggest just looks too short to me as well as too skinny. Just not enough torso length IMO… When you have a chunky head and limbs a little bitty skinny body just does not look right to me…


Yup and customs fees. And custom bodies cost too much too.


I asked SilvaCreations about her version and she used the body that came with her and see looks ok, I guess it will be up to the individual how they want her to look


I saw someone on Facebook ask one of the prototype artists when the kit was first announced what size body she used on her prototype and the artist said the 300. So when I ordered my June kit I did not order a body as I already have the 300. I tried it this afternoon and it was not as bad as I thought it would be.


Here she is with torso and put together with the #300 body, you couldn’t use a bigger body with the torso, she looks fine to me and only a touch smaller than my Katie.


I think it looks proportionate like that. I guess the key is to use the torso with the smaller bodies and not with the larger ones.


Ok that actually looks good! Was putting her on the torso difficult?


It is for those of us who do not want to use a torso that the 300 body looks way too small by itself. My customer who has custom ordered one from me hates torsos and belly plates. As you can see from my pic the body does not look right by itself.


That doesn’t work for me without the torso. The body is just too short, but Emmy’s body I think would be way too long.


Yeah now that I think about it I completely agree. I guess all it took was seeing her with the torso! Haha. I was just thinking at the time the body looked awfully skinny compared to the head and limbs.


Here’s mine wearing a dress 6-9 months, I have a big wardrobe of dresses that size that will fit her. I’m seeing so many ppl looking for bigger bodies, maybe wider and fatter if without the torso, but her length is perfect with the recommended body, given she is only 7 months old and against my Liam, she’s only a big shorter sitting, and only just shy of Katie Marie, I think if she was longer it make her an older bub.


Such a pretty dress! :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing that. It puts her in better perspective for me.
Is this the body #8828 or #300?


its the #300.