July RR


thank you thank you thank you diana v!!!

my daugter claimed the headband lol she loves it

my keeper baby in his new outfit

i absolutly love the detailing on this set!




I love everything! But the sweater is my favorite!


I love the sweater too! And the fourth of July outfit! So much fun to see what everyone is getting!


Very nice! Thoughtful and awesome!


Oh, I’m so glad you liked everything! Your baby boy looks so sweet in the outfit, but of course your daughter is really rocking the 4th of July pinwheels! LOL
Dolly hugs,


she was running around the house all day making them spin it was too funny
my younger daughter laid claim to the mini kit she loves her new baby


Oh, that’s wonderful! That little baby is perfect for a “little mommy”. I’m glad your girls got to enjoy the package too.
Dolly hugs,


Fun stuff and I love the sweater too… Is it handmade by Diana??


Oh, I wish I could!
But no… I was thrilled to purchase it at a local craft show.


That is such a bunch of WONDERFUL stuff!!! I love the sweater too!