July Reborn Swap Week 2 Check-in

My swap baby is comming along great I’m about towards thirds done with the painting

My hand is some better almost healed but I got a spider bite this week and am now on meds for it! Grr I am not having a good month! Anyway I am starting mine this next week I have been busy on her layette. Thank you so much for asking.

I did manage to get matt on mine tonight so I can start undertones in the morning before it gets hot in here. Yeah me I am so excited. I have this one and another one to do at the same time. I like working on 2 so I have someone in my hands while one is cooling. Have a wonderful week.

Can’t wait to see all the babies, this is so exciting


My partner’s baby will get here tomorrow and I will start her right away. I am so excited!!!

Oh no , I’m falling in love with my swap baby …

Lol Brenda we are in the same boat this baby is so adoarable but we have to remember we are just the sarogant mamas lol probably spelled that wrong

Lol… I know but I got to order me this kit to now …

Oh my gosh I have my babies hair rooted and I need to glue it. I so love this baby. I wish I had put this one as my wish baby! LOL I sent you pics in an email and I need to cut and style her hair so this is just a work in progress.

Well I do have to finish her layette and I got her quilt and bracelet finished last night. I need to make her shoes and i guess there is no way I will find socks to match for such a little one. My creative juices are flowing. I hope her mommy loves her.

I received my kit yesterday!! Woo hoo, now to work!!!

i am almost ready for my baby’s photoshoot!