Julieta by Ping Lau


I am looking for a Julieta kit by Ping Lau. She’s a 27" toddler and a sister to Cammi. I have Cammie and I want to do a set of twins but I can’t find Julieta in stock anywhere. Does anybody know where I could find one? Thank you.


have you tried Macphersons or Irresistables?


Macphersons doesn’t carry her and Irresistables is sold out. I’ve messaged them asking if/when she will be back in stock but I haven’t received a reply. It’s terrible when you get something in your head and can’t follow through with it. Plus patience is not among my virtues. lol


I have one I’m willing to sell. I wanted to sell them as a set because I have both. Email me miamariasnursery1@gmail


I’m so sorry to be responding at this late date, but I didn’t see your reply until now. If you still have Julieta and Cammi I am still interested. I have Cammi, but I would be willing to take them both if that’s what you want to do.