Joseph woke up!


He’s definitely a must have!!


Can’t wait!!!


Me either so so cute


Oh now he is just precious!


where did you see this at he is so stinkin cute a must have for sure


so excited for this one :grin:


On Marie’s Facebook :slight_smile:


Great job .Open eye babys i find not easy to make look real.He does !


Such an adorable little guy!


OH I DO like this one!!!


Oh my gosh I am so in love! Wow thank you for sharing!!


I really love his expression!! I’ll be buying him when he is available.


He is stinkin cute! His release date can’t come quick enough! :wink:


Oh, he’s adorable! I need that cutie in my stash, haha.


He is gorgeous, oh dear more shopping for kits!


Oh how sweet! Even though it’s obviously the same baby it’s so interesting to compare the kits/ two scans taken at different times. I hope they release Reese and Priscilla awake …though Reese asleep is a definite


OH how Sweet, can’t wait for him to come out!!!