Joseph Awake


OMG, he is soo cuTe and I cannot wait for him to be released.


OMG HAVE TO HAVE!!! :slight_smile:


Im assuming that this kit isnt the new newborn Joseph…with how open his eyes are and the sweet smile…looks as if it was Joseph at maybe 2 months old…he sure is adorable!!! I may need to buy him :heart::smiley:


He is so cute!!! He’s gonna sell out the first week!

Order double, BB.




How Adorable, I love that baby smile… AHHHH


Oh my goodness absolutely a must have


This is the first open eyed Realborn that I like- and I LOVE him!


OMG if he isn’t just the sweetest baby. Got to have him.


Totally LOVE him :heart_eyes:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: He is darling!!!


Joseph awake is from scans from his first week. He smiled a lot as a newborn. Here is just one of the photos of him awake, I’ll be uploading a bunch more to our website as soon as I get a chance. He was only a week old in this photo. I didn’t pull out my photography lights for this one, I just put some fur on my bed and used my bedroom light, that’s why the lighting is so different.

I’m glad you all love him, it just makes my day to read these comments!




Soo adorable!


He is so stinkin’ cute, Jessica!


Joseph is seriously my favorite kit at the moment, Jessica! He hasn’t been out that long and I’ve painted him twice already, planning for the THIRD. Hahaa


Awww! Smiley little guy! Can’t wait! He’s so adorable! Glad it is an authentic newborn image. Glad he was such a smiley, happy newborn


Thanks so much everyone!

@DollyPardon That’s so awesome! I’m glad you love him so much! I feel so lucky to get to see my baby as a reborn.




Can’t wait till he’s available love him


Joseph Asleep is my favorite BB kit, and I look forward to his Awake version. :heart::baby:t2:


I’ve been wanting to make myself a Joseph kit as a keeper, now I might have to do a sleeping and awake! This is a darling kit!