Jointed or non-jointed?

Hello, i’m doing a 17in. full limb Berenguer. I’m wondering should i get the jointed or non-jointed body. Which do you all prefere, for a full limb doll? I know when i have a full leg baby, which i love , I like to show off the legs. Would the jointed body part show, if i pose in a diaper? Thanks DEE

Thank you for your votes, but i’m wondering why so many more votes for a jointed body? DEE

I didn’t vote in this one before it closed but I prefer the non-jointed. On these really small babies the joints seem to make them feel stiff to me and I find the non-jointed bodies I make give them more realistic movement. My customers have always like them just fine too.

Thanks Angie, i prefere the non-jointed also. The only problem i find with them is, making sure they don’t fall off. I want them to be able to pose with ease, but that means not tightening the cable to much. That’s the part that bothers me,always afraid did i tighten enough so that they stay on. I really love the full limbs, because it makes them look more real to me, and a whole lot easier to dress. I have a hard time with the cloth peeking out of a diaper the most, it drives me crazy. I’ll probably go for the non-jointed, and just prsy the limbs stay on. Thanks for your reply, DEE