Johanna’s Official Shoot




I’m so in love :heart_eyes:


Thank you everybody, I hope I don’t regret not keeping her. I just really have no where to properly display them. Really need the money more.


She is gorgeous !!!




OMG that hair… I just love those curls! I so wish I could get the hang of rooting😭


My first babies were so pluggy. It took a bit to get better at rooting.


I will keep trying. I have a hard time getting the hair in far enough for it to stay and be glued.


I plunged my needle all the way to where it starts to thicken every time. Then you are guaranteed a nice base to glue inside.


I will keep on trying. Maybe I am not doing that. I use that mushroom tool. Maybe I need to have the needle sit out of it a little bit further.


Oh maybe, I don’t use that one. I did when I first started but it made my hand tired. This is the style I like now.


That one does look like it would be easier to hold and angle in different positions. What web site did you order it from?


Exactly, the mushroom does limit the angle. I bought mine, I think through Hunnybuns reborn supplies.


Thankyou for all the info @Reefbubbles!


I don’t use anything with my needles. It took awhile to get use to but works great now.