Johanna on sale!


I’d like to order new babies, but I’m holding out for new Joseph and June


I was hoping they’d be on sale with this coupon or at least Joseph Asleep 3 month size.


The 25% off coupon (teaparty) would work on him… just not as good of a deal as it would be if he was on sale also (if he is in stock)


I’ve been holding out for June but broke my diet :frowning: I need to be much more strict with myself now because she will be out in April. I cannot wait :slight_smile:


It would be nice if he was on sale too. I’ve already used my coupon. Is it one time only? I kept thinking I could use the code through the 15th.


One time use


Oh man!! I used it on Ivy and then she went cheaper on Tuesday.


If it makes you feel any better, I ordered Johannah earlier and I forgot to use the coupon code too :sob:


I did use the coupon code, I just accidentally bought two June kits and I tried to change it so I could get a different kit and they said they could not do that because they can’t change your order due to their automated system. They said I could cancel but then could not use the code again due to the computer system. Cant say that I love their system LOL. Ultimately its my fault because Im scatterbrained but still. Im not really saving much money anyway so I may as well just stick to buying BB kits on Dollsgarden in Germany :wink: