Johanna on sale!


Oh no I brought her and forgot to use the Teaparty code :roll_eyes:


Call them tomorrow and let them know. I’m sure they would apply the coupon.


I bought her last week at 25% off… thinking she would sell out this week… and I think she is cheaper now… LOL


I doubt that. I tried to change my order right after I placed it because I realized I made a mistake. They told me that due to their automated system they can not make changes to your order.


I wish miranda would go on sale. She is one of my favorites :frowning:


I used the coupon and got $9 off! :heart_eyes: Thanks BB!! :heart:


I got one! And a Laila and a Zuri too. Great deal. Those 3 should keep me busy for a while. :+1:


I would call. It can’t hurt.


Hope I like Johanna. Just bought two of her. Then somehow Landon awake and Alexa fell in my cart as well. After bodies and other stuff I spent over $200. This was a great deal. Wish I could have bought more.


How long is the coupon good for?


I haven’t bought directly from BB in a long time but I thought Id buy on this sale. I got all the babies that I have been wanting, Zuri awake, Lavender awake, June awake X2 (accident only wanted one), Dominic asleep, another Summer Rain (did one last year), and I also got 2 Johanna’s so wish I would have waited…I would not only have gotten the discount but I could have been more careful and gotten another kit…oh well, I need to not order things right before bed…or when I first wake up :wink:


Tomorrow. One time use.


Call them April…or at least email them. :slight_smile:


I did, directly after I ordered and realised what I did…that is what they said, they can’t help me due to their automated system.


I placed an order too! Whoop! So exciting! No matter how many times I order from bb, I am always thrilled to see the box on my front porch!


Me too. Lol It seriously never gets old. :grin:


I hadn’t planned on ordering this week but yall talked me into it! Johanna is a precious kit so it didn’t take much. I also threw a couple heads in the cart so it should be a fun box to open.


Anyone have some syrup or butter? I can’t decide on a kit and keep changing my mind.


You having babies or pancakes :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: I get it now, LOL. Being perpetually in 7th grade can make me a dumb bunny sometimes.


I’m with you haha. I’m so tired and exhausted today.