Johanna on sale!


Just FYI. I know several of us were waiting for her to go on sale :smiley:


And with the coupon it’s a fantastic deal !


Whoa…I didn’t even think to compound those :astonished:


Did you already order her ?


No. I always put them in my cart, then cringe over the money. She is sitting in there now while I waffle. You might have just made the decision for me :wink:


I do the same :wink:


I just ordered 2 and a couple other kits. They just sort of jumped in my cart.


I really wish Darren would go on sale. Now him I wouldn’t even have to think twice about.


He still might go on sale tomorrow as they are changing kits every day.


Ooh, they have test heads in stock, too!


Nooo I already placed my order :unamused:


Thank you I needed some good news today.


I ordered 2 of her n a Zuri awake. I’m glad I didn’t place an order yesterday.


Thank you, I am so excited to be getting her!


What’s the coupon?


The code is TEAPARTY


Awesome! Thank you!


Two new kits added to my hoard! Smh


What? Where?


As Phassel said it is TEAPARTY and you can use it even with the kits on sale.