Jaylan- ethnic -needs something


I decided I would try to reborn another ethnic baby prior to taking the class at ROSE with Jackie Ortinz. What does Jaylan need??? Something is holding me back from saying he’s done… what does he need. The eyes are temporary BTW


I’d add a bit more shading, but otherwise he looks lovely!


Eyes lashes and brows absolutely beautiful!


Amazing!! Such a softness to his skin tone!


Brows! He’s a cutie


I say more shading, but I might be a bit more heavy handed with the paint.


A bit more shading. His skin tone is beautiful.


He is on my Must Haves list. You are making me want to spend money. :scream:


I guess more shading is what I am going to do!


He is a cutie and I agree a bit more shading. Lovely soft tone too. I can’t wait to paint mine.


Would you mind sharing how you got that color? I’m trying to get that color for a realborn reese for myself!


I agree!!:+1::grinning:


I followed Kate Charles tutorial I bought a few years ago. There are about 5 different layers of mottling, 2 layers of base, and 4 layers of shading. I follow her formula each time but the smoothness is from using Gamsol thinner and dense beauty blenders. If you look her up on Youtube it shows how she blends her paint and that demonstration helped me the most with my ethnic babies. Her tutorial helps in where to put the shading too.


Thank you!