Janey Lenox Help


I am trying to reach Janie Lenox. does anyone here know if she is around.? I need help
in reaching her. I did try the message twice but it is not opened. thanks, rosemarie


I’ll let her know your looking for her


thank you, I did send her messages to pick up. rosemarie


Rose you wrote me 2 messages just today. I have been busy today and just now got a chance to read my messages. I have been at church all day and just got home. I have answered you.


Still waiting an answer, I saw you read my message. Do you plan on responding?


I don’t understand why you posted you were looking for me and a very sweet person posted on other forums you were looking for me and wrote me 2 messages in less than 4 hrs and then without waiting for me to respond you opened a PayPal dispute on me.

Your messages said you wanted to work out our situation and you were willing to work with me and oh how you just didn’t want to open a dispute with me.

I have been sewing for people on so many of the doll forums for years and not one person has ever done me the way you have. You haven’t done it once but twice. I am so insulted and once again very unhappy with our dealings.

I wouldn’t have went to this length except you filed a dispute againist me!!! ME JANIE LENOX who I have been told by so many even yourself how much you appreciate and love my sewing. I take such pride and joy in presenting beautiful outfits to the reborn world. Then this, a PayPal dispute… I am so hurt and upset!

You are in the wrong and I just can’t let this go by.


I am truly sorry to have caused you distress. If you had let me know what your intenions
were this would not have happened. My husband did contact Paypal. I will tell them
that this is resolved so you can send me the material and do a refund. I too hope this never happens again. It is not the best way. Do you realize it was May 29 that I paid you. Paypal
only allows 45 days to file.


Ok Rose you brought this out in the forum and you make yourself sound so innocent and like you are so apologetic. You should have answered me in a private message instead of airing this situation in the public forum. You do know how to private message.

You were told it would be 2 weeks before I could refund your money. You okayed that and you are right it was time to pay you. Even though I don’t do refunds for someone changing their minds because they can’t get their doll painted the way they want. Which was your excuse for wanting a refund. Besides I had already bought fabric because you kept bugging me about the fact you didn’t think I was going to do exactly like was in the picture. After me telling you even before you placed the order I couldn’t make it exactly like it, but would do my best to please you. I am upset because you could have gently reminded me instead of being so impatient. you wrote me 2 messages in a 4 hr period and didn’t even wait a day for me to respond and then started tracking me down and filed a dispute on me. Your open apology on this forum is so lame, it makes me sick to my stomach. I have had to go through this with you before and stupid me went and did it again.

Another thing I will refund only $25 plus the fabric which cost me $10 and then $5 to ship it to you. Total $40 which is how much you paid.

To all that read this. I am not a bad person and I am easy to get along with and I don’t want this to affect my chances of getting to sew clothing for others on this forum. I have a perfect feedback on all forums I am on. I wouldn’t be doing this on an open forum where everyone could read it except I feel my reputation is at stake.


I requested help to find you. I did not disclose anything that I am aware of. If I did I truly
am sorry. I thought I was emailing you. you may be mistaken about that as I saw your
post this morning and was shocked.


Don’t pursue this anymore or I will post your messages. You started this with your impatience and by starting this thread…you are shocked. Well ain’t that a crock! I will pay you the $25 plus material but it isn’t letting me pay partial refund. If you want your money drop the dispute. If I don’t pay you can start it back up. I am so ready to pay you!!! Everyone on here who is reading this is my witness. I want this over finished and done with.


I called paypal and they have taken care of this and you should have your money. Mailing the fabric to you tomorrow.