Jade body

I want to order Jade but am unsure of body size. BB says she is 18 in. but recommends a 20 in. body. Is this because she is measured with bent legs & would be 20 in. if she was stretched out? Has any one made her with a different body? Thank you all in advance!

Maybe she is too chubby for their full limbed realborn body that is 18-19 inches…

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I bought the 19" body for Jade last night

Thank you, I’m going to try the 18 in. b0dy

@grandian how did you like the 18" body on her?

Don’t know yet-haven’t got her yet. Thanks for the interest. 'm not a fast maker, old & slow…

Wondering how it went with Jade and the 18" body. I ordered the 19" body for her recently because I didn’t see an 18" body. It may have been sold out. Wondering if the 20" is too long for her.

I didn’t even remember posting on this, lol but she turned out beautifully and sold very quickly. The 19" worked fine imo

Thank you, @Vanniek, that is good to know. :slight_smile:

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I use the 19 body. Her body curls up so sweetly.



You’re so welcome @ECNRebornBabies :slight_smile: Yes she really does. She’s so sweet and cuddly @Gabriell :slight_smile:

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