Jacqueline Kramer DVD


Now this I can’t tell you because I have never used Genesis. I know with air dry, mistakes can be corrected if you catch them pretty quickly. I would think this would be the case with ghsp since it is supposed to be more forgiving.


I ordered all 3 dvds for that price I couldn’t pass it up


Even when I mix it thicker to do fingertips, it takes forever for color to show. I think the paint rolls off the finger tips. Perhaps, dipping the brush in thinner and then taking paint straight from the pot and then blending after applying is the way to go. I think those who use Genesis for canvas painting use it more straight from the pot, too.


Thanks for sharing that, MilosMeadows!


I have the premixed red paints but not the DVDs. Works really well for concentrated colour. I also use a small make-up foundation brush to blend. The paint does not get reabsorbed by your blending brush as much as a normal paint brush.


I also dip straight from the pot regularly :wink:


Are the pre-mixed colors she used in the video her own mixes?


I don’t think so. I think they are ones you can buy.


@Peachtree Examples, please. What are you using it for?


No, they are bb paints. You can buy individually or as a set. I brought the set of reds.


Well I watched the rooting dvd today. I was already mono rooting but it helped me with mapping and a different way to hold head and pen has help me be a bit faster with good results


Great , thanks for the update. I was wondering of the rooting DVD was helpful. Glad it made things easier for you