Jacelyn now baby Jasmine (Pic heavy)


She isn’t varnished because I’ve been feeling a bit down for a couple of days and just wanted to put her together to cheer myself up (which worked lol) and she’s a keeper anyway, a bit of shine doesn’t bother me, and I can always take her apart and varnish her if it does. Had a bit of a mishap with some paint coming off at the side of her nose which I tried to match up without having to strip her, but I think it’s only noticeable if you know it’s there. I just love how chunky she looks, especially her feet :smiley:


Awww, those lips!!


You did a good job on her. The paint mistake is not noticeable, if you would not mention it I would think it’s just a shadow on the picture, so it does not take anything away from her. I love those juicy lips and how you colored her eyelids. I am sure she will bring you lots of comfort and cuddles.


Thank you! :heart:


Oh my! She does have chunky feet!


Too sweet