I've been away for so long! I've come back to gauge interest in a blank Sunny kit by Joanna K


Hi everyone, I used to be more active on this forum and in the reborn community, but have taken quite a break. Sorry for going MIA!! Last time I was here, I was a Mama of 3 doing reborning full time. Now I am Mama of 4, with the youngest being a foster child!!! My newest little bundle is 5 months old now and I have had her since birth. She is such a blessing!!

It’s very hard not to be working at the moment and sales are slow, so I figured that maybe I should seriously consider selling off some of my items.

*** I have a blank Sunny kit by Joanna K. and as far as I know there are not any available on Ebay or other retailers. I will be willing to part with her here before listing her on Ebay soon. If you are interested please message me with your best offer.***

I also have other kits such as Saskia Brown, Anthony Tuzio Ross, Ellis Auer, Barnabe prince of trolls and others that I am willing to part with as well. If there is something you are looking for please ask. I just might have it!!


Congratulation on your little one! I am sure she has an excellent foster Mom!
Would you please list your prices, it’s hard to commit without knowing the price.


Do you have any other awake kits by Bonnie Brown?


Congratulations on your new baby and welcome back!
Yes, prices please- I May be interested.


Interested in Sunny if isn’t overpriced. PayPal ready . Thank you .


@DancesWithDolls look she has a sunny :slight_smile:


@AmandasBabies I know I saw this post last night and passed. Not into the whole offer thing… You’re either selling or you’re not.


Do you have an arsiel awake?


@BabyCakesReborn - looks like you need to set a price on the kits you are selling if you hope to sell on the forum.


I will get pricing together and update my post within the next few days. Thank you everyone!


@BabyCakesReborn do you still have Ellis Auer and if so, what’s your price? I have a customer who might be interested in him.