It's that time

going Christmas shopping! I dread this!!!
Lets see, got my boxing gloves, running shoes and my husbands money. I’m gonna need a good drink when i get back .

Have fun with that, Karen…LOL…good luck!

I love, LOVE the baby in your siggy! She’s gorgeous!

Thank-You Karen. Too bad nobody wanted to buy her. Tried 3 times on ebay. well the shopping is done. Was’nt too bad.

Ebay just plain STINKS, Karen…I just relisted one of mine this afternoon, too. BUT on the upside, at least you got your shopping done!

yeah shopping is done!!! Ebay does stink. All i know for sure is that my grandaughter will have one heck of a doll collection. My husband has 2 booths in an antique store so i have some of my dolls there. I did sell mt Taite doll there for $150.00. The stores comission is 10%. But at least i dont have to worry about a non payer. I’m going down there tomorrow and lower the prices a bit though.

I’m heading to the Mall tomorrow to see how much Christmas shopping I can get done. It’s easier to shop without hubby. (Actually I should let him do the shopping - he can finish within an hour - “I’ll take that”, " this is good", “he’ll like this” and DONE!!) Why is it men can shop so quickly??? Must be a guy thing.

Wish ME luck.


Best of luck on the shopping!!! Judy

I have all shopping done wrap and under the tree!!!

Now for the baking I will start the peach jam tomorrow!! Fudge, cookies and banana nut bread on thursday we are doing Christmas this coming week end with the kids so they can all be home for Chirstmas!!

Very Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Yes - I am in the process of doing my baking also - assorted Christmas cookies to make into trays for family and friends, plus rum cakes and am working on a custom baby.

Wow - Tonya -

All done shopping and wrapping!!! I always say there should be 2 more weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


I’ll take just the rum please!! LOL