Its not fair I want an Amber and I cant get on

I have been trying since 8am to get on the home page but cant.
I feel so sad I missed out.

Do you want me to get her for you?

is she all gone?

She wasn’t when I checked before, but she is now. That really stinks. I wonder why you can’t get on. If that ever happens again I would be happy to make the purchase for you and you could just paypal the payment to me.

thank you that is very sweet of you.

I am so glad that you posted this!! I can’t get on either! I just called Linda to place my order for Rebecca. I thought that there was something seriously wrong with my computer lol. I have deleted cookies, history, ran scans reset to a previous date you name it I have tried it. I finally just called. lol

edited to add ooppssss I thought you were talking about another place. I can get on here but she is sold out darn it to heck and back fooling around trying to get this other kit I missed out on Amber shoot shoot shoot

ooooohhhh me too. I went to check my paypal balance and she was gone by the time I got back. I hope they offer her again for those of use who missed out

I didn’t get her either!

Me neither!

busybees who is that adorable siggy?
Well done shes so cute.

Thank you so much, Debi She is the Jaden sculpt I got here on BB.

I have listed her on ebay over and over. Someone emailed me right before the auction ended wondering if I’d come down on the shipping price. I wrote her back and said I’d come down to $10.00 for shipping. I havent heard back, yet! I was reading a book the last hour of my auction. I should have been paying attention to my auction the last hour! Anyway, she is liable to become a part of my doll collection

She’s beautiful! Sorry about the Amber kit…I was able to get one & I’m so happy, can’t wait for her to get here…or did I already get her! I’ve been ordering so many of the sale babies, I get lost on who I have & who I’m waiting for.
I had to pass quite a few of them by because I didn’t have the money when they came on sale!


Urg me too! I was showing her pics to my friend & then when I went to order it was out of stock! But today it shows in stock? Are they limiting how many sell on DOTD? If so I’ll start shopping at midnight! I’M SO SAD! She’s one I reaaaally wanted.

Sorry to all the people that missed Amber. I got her as a test head and was soooo excited, so I didn’t need the DOTD. She’s cute, as soon as I get her some limbs I’ll put her at the top of my babies to do…

Is she big like the other 2 latest Moulton babies?

I haven’t seen the other two Moulton babies, but Amber’s head is pretty big, around the same size as my Eden (although her head is shaped weird so it’s a little hard to tell…). And it seems huge to me b/c I’ve been working on preemies lately, lol.

Anyone know if Avery/Aubrey limbs would work with Amber’s head? I’d love to know the opinion of anyone who got/is getting an Amber kit, b/c I’m not too fond of her arms…

Oh. Maybe peach is in stock. Not pink.

— Begin quote from “Babybliss”

Oh. Maybe peach is in stock. Not pink.

— End quote

Yeah I think you’re right. It was pink that was on DOTD so they still have peach.