It's here! It's here! I'm so excited!

The postman brought me a package today!! Would you like to open it with me?

Ok, pull up a chair, here we go!

Here’s the box…looks like it didn’t get tossed around too much…
My dogs are just as excited as me!

Ok, we got our trusty box opener & opened the box…it’s like a treasure chest…a blue sleeper a birth certificate all ready for his/her name & a Thanksgiving bib!

A pretty necklace for me, it’s very pretty & some of my favorite colors too!

M-m-m such a nice soft baby shawl & some one is peeking out…

It must be a baby boy, I see a blue outfit!

TA-DA! It’s me mommy, Karl James…Happy Thanksgiving!

More pictures…then I have to kiss him some more, I hope I don’t kiss off all his pretty coloring!

I can tell he is my baby because all my babies were bald as could be, so he fits right in…I LOVE him!

Getting ready to eat some of that turkey…what mom? no turkey for me?

Ok…I’m really tired from my long trip from MO & I want to go to sleep…I’m waiting for my mommy to rock me…good night everyone! Thanks for sharing my unveiling with my mommy!

Karl James by Brenda Colson, (Brenda2695)…I love him so much!
Brenda said she hoped he was to my liking…he couldn’t possibly have been a better choice for me…Thank You so much…he was worth the wait.


that was soooo much fun and he is so precious… i never cared for that kit but he is adorable, great job!!

Aww, congratulations!

Oh Marlene congratulations on the arrival of your new baby boy! What a cute little baldie. I love that blue blanket. It really looks soft and warm to wrap him up in. So sweet. One thing about the bald babies is that you don’t have to worry about their hair getting mussed up during shipment.

Awww, he’s so sweet!! Congratulations!!

CONGRATS!!! He is is a CUTIE!!!

oh isn’t he cute…i didn’t get to see him when he was finished…he’s adorable…
and thanx so much for letting us join in the fun of opening him …that was alot of fun i was as excited as you was…i couldn’t wait to see…how sweet…i realy need to start taking part in these swaps…i love watching everyone open their boxes and what they get…

oy yes that was fun. thank you for letting us help u open him with you. he is adorable. and my first baby (girl) was an absolute cue ball. not a peek of a hair no where. i don’t even think she had eyebrowns come to think of it. but she was a preemie and only weighted 4 lbs. i love bald babies. i wish he were mine. god bless you an yours. have fun. hugs, vesta

Sweet little baby, Marlene. I know you’re thrilled with him! Nice job on him too, Brenda. He’s a sweetheart!