It's been busy on the farm!


I haven’t had any time to paint, I’ve been enjoying almost a month of company in town and now my lovely goats are starting to have their babies! I’ll attach some pics for any animal lovers :sparkling_heart:


Those are the cutest little things ever!! My 4 year old would be thrilled with them. :grin:


Thank you! My five year old daughter crawls around the pasture with them :joy:


Oh my goodness!! They are precious! I’ve always wanted goats. Are they hard to take care of? I honestly have no idea…


They are so much fun! They are work, they need hoof trimmings twice a month. Lots of pasture to graze on, and a yearly shot. If you don’t have acres of land, they will need to be supplemented with hay. They are not nearly as much work as a dog or a horse… But still, work :laughing:


I can only wish! Lol! I barely do have a front yard and our back yard is shared. They are so comical at times! I get my first fix from watching YouTube videos of them.


So CUTE!!! You should get some angora goats…endless supply of mohair! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes , they are so adorable and bouncy!


I have considered it! :laughing:


Awww they are so cute.


Oh gosh, so fluffy!
I love baby goats, they’re so cute.


I’ve not played with goats in so long!!! Awe, thanks so much for showing the cuties!!! Luv them!!!


I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything cuter!!


oh my! they are so stinkin cute!


They are adorable! I’ve seen baby goats before but never any that have the unusual colors and markings yours have. I love them! And that little black one with the white on its head and tail looks a bit related to the skunk that frequents my back yard! Maybe you could name it Petunia! LOL


Lol! So true! I love that idea :star2:


@Mommy2five I want to go to your house and play!


They are so adorable. I used to have goats too. I raised one in my house with diapers because her mother rejected her. She liked to watch cartoons with my grandson.


Oh how sweet!!! We have raised two bottle babies and they are so fun!


My goats would love that! It’s good to socialize them. They love to jump on people as well as anything :laughing: