It's a conspiracy!

I’ve decided my brain has been bugged by BB. About the time I congratulate myself on resisting the current sales, they put everything on sale! Saw the sales this morning and resisted, saw Kimi was available and resisted, came back on and wham, they are all for sale. How else would BB know that I’d resisted? Brain bugs!!!

Now to go see what the prices are so my husband can kill me when another box comes in the mail. Now if it were toys for him, that would be okay. But like most men, he thinks one doll is enough! Poor, dumb boys…they just don’t see that cute little face that grabs you and hangs on till you give up and order another kit. At least all the ones I haven’t done still fit in a medium size storage box!

I just gave up and ordered a seconds Kimi. Bad, DJ, bad girl… Oh well, can I excuse it on the grounds that I needed magnets so I just ordered a kit since I was already paying shipping??? I just need to get busy painting and rooting!

Just admit it - we have the addiction!

Lol! I know right!!!

I am not going to look…

Total addiction. i have decided I won’t order until I can get Rose or I need needles.

— Begin quote from “sandys sweethearts”

I put kate,elliot and grant in and out of my cart so many times LOL! I keep telling myself YOU HAVE SIX THAT STILL NEED TO BE COMPLETED! Ugh…I really do need those babies

— End quote

With only 6 that need to be completed, you should go ahead and order… I did a Grant… just loved that little face…

I know there are more than six in my box! Plus the 3 that are getting rooted and the two that are getting painted, one for sale and some in the bassinet to keep or sell, plus some that are lost in the doll room mess now that Brandon moved in… I need more to keep up with like I need more pets!

As for Pia’s not looking, wonder how long that is going to last!!! For me, the more I try not to look, the more it’s on my mind…you know what happens

I am staying strong! Not until Rose! I have way to much to do to buy more babies and my hubby has decided it is too much trouble to do craft shows! Grrrr! Oh you can bet he will be there in the middle of it if I do a craft show, he is not staying home no way!

— Begin quote from “CaliMel”

The first step is admitting we have a problem.

The second step is finding a corner of the closet to hide the evidence.

— End quote

I like the way you think!!!

I agree. I’ve placed two orders this week.

I do not have a closet big enough to use a corner for storage.