It would have been nice if June awake was released for mother’s day


If she had been released for mother’s day. How many would have gotten her as a mother’s day present? My daughter sent me 100.00 for mother’s day, I could have brought 2. I hope she comes out soon. I don’t even know how soon would I reborn her. Or would she sit around like my LE kits.


I was hoping for today, but there aren’t many kits on sale that I could use either. :frowning: My June is probably going to be sitting around because I need to be sure of her clothing/shoe size


I was thinking that too. I wonder what’s going on with June


I wonder if she’s going to fit in my oven without extra extender rings.


3 month Joseph I didn’t have a problem with but not sure if June is much bigger. I’m only worried about her head lol


I am grateful she was released. I don’t have to stalk the supplies page anymore… LOL!!


Right, but it’s a habit for me. I need some intervention. :grinning: