It takes all kinds of people

I have been on this forum a while. This isn’t the only forum I belong to, I don’t participate much on other forums mostly because I don’t like the format, and a lot of those people are here anyway.

I find it interesting on a forum this large how many different kinds of people there are here, its a big ol spectrum, I like it and I think it makes the forum more interesting, how boring if we were all similar, what would we talk about?

We have people who are religious, and some who are atheist, there are grandmothers who have 20 grandkids and raised six kids, some who have never had a child, some people are single parents, some on fourth husbands, some gay, some not, some just who they are.

We come from all different socioeconomics, some of us graduated from college and are proffessionals, some of us barely escaped highschool, some of us have exciting jobs, some of us have jobs we hate and some stay at home with kids and struggle with the beauty and hard work that entails. most of us are American or Canadian but many are from other awesome places.

Some of us struggle with mental illness or physical illness, disability or deficit. There are people on this list who never leave home.

But we all have something in common. We love these babies. We might be collectors, or artists, hobbyists, or a genius crafter. We might be entrepreneurs. teachers, or just love the babies because we love the babies.

I hear a lot of talk outside (PM and/or or on other forums) about the frustration with the “Drama” here. I am not bothered by it as much because I think it is natural when you get a lot of women with a lot of ideas and opinions who desire to communicate with other women who have their own ideas and opinions that there will be heat.

I think it is an opportunity to learn and to grow. On a forum everyone is equal, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, what you look like, if you are a celebrity, or if this is the only social outlet you have in your life.

Here the playing field is equalized, we are all numbers, letters, a keyboard, a screen. There is safety and anonymity in that if you choose it.

The majority of people here are respectful, kind, generous with information, reach out if you seem like you need it, pray if you ask for it, will send you hair or eyes if you have a deadline and need em quick. I love that.

This is like a family in its own odd way.

Then there are those who struggle with interaction and I think we all try to be aware of that and make room for it. That melts my heart. I wish I were better at it.

Then there are those who are just unhappy, for what ever reason and they spread a little of that on purpose or are completely unaware of it, it’s just how they operate, it is their normal.

All this isn’t some great discovery, we all know it, we all get it… well most of us do.

I just think it is worth thinking about and remembering when the temperature rises. I know I need reminding.

We are a shower of confetti and it is beautiful, a combination of shapes and color and texture, all by ourselves we are just a bit of paper floating on the wind but all together we are a celebration.

Let’s be kind (and if I need reminding please PM and let me know).

It has never been" drama", just a lot of loud talking at the dinner table, at the end of the day we are all friends and family and human.

Find your happiness in unusual places today, you will be surprised where it hides.


I can relate to the loud dinner table :slight_smile: With 5 siblings, we often got heated and raised our voices. But in the end, we were (are) family and we have each others’ backs. No one has to agree with everyone or like everyone, but we do need to be respectful and understanding

Great words, Gina! Thank you!


So true! I enjoy others views. I really don’t mind mild drama at all. I don’t see a problem. I find other forums are hard to get into.


Well said!
I am actually surprised that it’s such nice environment when so many women are involved, I mean that I would expect much more ‘drama’ and hurt feelings when it comes to the group of women that large.

I feel that I found many good friends here! :kissing_heart:


Well said!! :clap::clap:


Oh I sure can relate too! I am the youngest of 12 and the only girl in the bunch.


Very well stated!!! :heart:️:+1:t2::clap:t2:


Beautiful put! Love your confetti illustration :heart:


Well said!
its one reason I keep coming back here because drama is very minimal and I sometimes get more support here than I do or did from my support groups for any of my issues. Also, its certainly nice to have people to talk to about dollies who don’t think you are a werido :wink: I also love that there is really no majority here…aside from female but there are some guys here…or at least one that I know of :wink:


Well said! We’re a big messy family, we clash and have drama, but in the end we have each others backs :heart:


I want to hang this in my classroom. Such a fun image.


Beautiful @Gabriell


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I related to alot of it


Well said!
I don’t notice much ‘drama’ here. Some disagreements here and there, sure. But that can happen anywhere.
The forum is mostly just a nice place to hang out on for me, as everyone is generally very kind.


Wow! I can imagine the noise in your home :wink:


I really like what’s been said here, but I still have a problem with people making hurtful comments, regardless of what issues they have. The other person may have issues of their own, that aren’t known, and be devastated by being publicly called out when they could be contacted privately. But, I can’t change the world, or anyone in it, so I deal with it the best I can.


Yep, my thoughts exactly! I feel for both involved, but surely there was a nicer way to let someone know you were bothered by something.




Remember Always that You are all loved!:two_hearts: This is a good and helpful forum ( family). Thank you @Gabriell


I probably should not say anything as I am sometimes misunderstood. Simply because we are all different. But, unless someone just calls me out and makes some mean comment such as “You are a …” I don’t feel targeted. And, no one has ever done that. I take it all as constructive criticism or trying to help in some way. It may or may not strike the others the way it is said (by whomever) but it is just what it is. Just a comment on the dolls and how to do them. I do understand if there are other types of comments that it would be very hurtful. I just haven’t seen any. I feel blessed.