It’s Friday!


Nothing to do with dolls. But it’s Friday and Sunday is a comin’! :heart:


So thankful for what He did for us on Friday. And thankful it didn’t end there!


Amen :pray:


Love this video!!


Thank you for posting this Katina!! My eyes full of tears and my hands are sweaty. We will never know how much He gave for us. We will never know the suffering, Never know the grief and never know the rejection. Many do not believe this because we do have suffering, grief and rejection, but Nothing compares to what our sinless Savior did for us. He knows how bad we feel during the storms. He said said many times, “I have compassion for these people”. His love and compassion are unmatched. Thank you my precious Jesus! Sunday is coming!! Amen! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


AMEN! If He had not done what He did, we would have a more miserable existence in this world.


Praise God, Amen!! :pray:


love the video.!


Thank you for sharing


So thankful for my LIVING Savior. He died on a Friday, but on Sunday He rose again. “He arose, He arose. Hallelujah, Christ arose!”


Last weekend i watched a mini series on Netflix called The Bible. It was made in 2015 and i highly recommend it. It recreated the stories in the bible from Noah’s Ark all the way thru to Jesus’ resurrection. It was so moving for me and im gonna watch it again this weekend!!!


Wonderful video. Thank you for sharing.


Amen! :heart:


Thank you for sharing that video…

SO thankful for the LOVE of Christ!! And that YES…Sunday’s comin’!!!



Praise Our Father God, He’s ( Jesus Christ) Alive and I’m forgiven and Heaven’s gates are opened wide to accept all of those who believe in the Death and Resurrection of a Sinless man.