ISO Realborn Joseph Asleep head


Hello again Ladies,

This will be a silly question, but if I get nowhere with Bountiful Baby when they respond to my eBay message that I have sent them recently (see my previous post for more information)
then does anyone here have a Realborn Joseph Asleep blank, unused, unwanted head that they’re willing to send to me in the UK? (I’ll pay as long as it’s less than I paid for the kit itself lol)

My kit’s arms and legs are completely fine and I’m asking for a new head because I don’t want to spend more money just to get a new kit with limbs that I won’t even use with this sculpt haha
Even if it’s a seconds quality head, I have the limbs and the original Joseph Asleep COA so I don’t mind, as long as the vinyl isn’t cracked or stained to the high heavens haha!

Thank you all again, have a lovely day/night :slight_smile:

  • Cate


I’d post whether it is the newborn or 3 months sleeping Joseph that you’re looking for.


I was looking for the Joseph Newborn Asleep head if anyone had one as I don’t think BB sell the head on its own on their website anymore.
They have replied to my email now though and will send me a new head soon