ISO Painted kit services

Does anyone on here happen to just offer painted kits? I’m wanting to have realborn Alma painted for me at the beginning of March I am picky on weighting so if at all possible I would like to assemble her myself. Absolutely no rush and you can paint her as you see fit… just expanding my collection. :heart::slightly_smiling_face:

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I offer painted kit services, if kit is sent to me, it would be $120 shipped back to you, for a baby this size. Would be bald only with painted lashes and brows.
Southern Lullabies Reborn Nursery has photos of my work and reviews. Here is also a collage of some more recent work


I have been super busy lately, but this is a service I am willing to offer. I would charge $150, including shipping, to paint her. If I buy the kit, I would charge $200. Here are two of my Realborns. I don’t paint many of them as I prefer the older 3/4 limb babies and sculpted babies, but I really like Alma.



You can see my work in my FB page or website


Your work is beautiful.

Thank you :blush:

Y’all for real I can’t choose just one. :joy::joy: I’m about to get a baby from all of y’all a little bit at a time y’all artwork is just amazing.


I can offer my painting services. You can see my work on my website:



I’ve used a kit painting service before on eBay. The person’s name is Sharon and she’s very nice. Her user name is Jerelin0. She does beautiful kit paintings! The only thing is she doesn’t root (that includes eyelashes on sleeping babies) and she also doesn’t varnish her kits. It’s good if you’re a do it yourself kind of person. Here’s a link to her eBay store:

I am open for a painted kit service :blue_heart: my Facebook page is


How much are your painting kit services? May be good to know for the future!

Good Luck in choosing! :scream:


Wow!!! Great prices on whole kit painting!!!


Oh sorry! My break down if I Bought the kit would be
Kit price
$175-$350 painting price depending on size of the doll
$200-$300 for rooted hair or $75-$150 for painted hair


Good night, I just spent the last hour looking at everyone’s beautiful work from the links!! It’s so wonderful to see what you have made, everyone! I’m enjoying seeing all your babies :two_hearts: