ISO: Mohair


I really need some mohair. off white and a dirty blonde/brown (not yellowy blond)


How much do you need?


just enough to root 1 newborn size head in each color


If nobody else has it, I will check in the morning… Are you thinly rooting, thick?


I was going to list an ounce of mohair for sale and I have I think what you need; I have a dirty blondish-brown which is not at all yellow and I might have some off white left as well. They’re both Susan Nagel. I’m in Australia but I can ship them to you in an envelope I think.


This is light golden blonde and light baby brown from Susan Nagel, the other photo is the baby brown in flash. It’s very soft but the colours didn’t suit the babies I had in mind for it so I’m looking to sell it anyway :slight_smile:


ooh, beautiful! how much are you asking? And how much do you think shipping will be (i’m in the USA)


i haven’t really thought about the thickness… but probably pretty thin for the white, and thicker for the dirty blonde


It’s quite expensive mohair (at least to buy in Australia once it’s been imported and all that lol) but they’ve spent a while being wrapped and unwrapped to look at every so often so I could offer both bundles together for $30 USD, is that ok? I think I can fit them in an letter envelope which would cost between $2.50-$5


If @candyfloss passes, I’m interested :slight_smile:


Noted! x


how many grams of each do you have?


I’m not sure exactly but I haven’t touched the darker one and I think City of Reborn Angels only sells them in half-ounces. There is less of the white one but it is more than enough for one head, possible 2 or 3 depending on your rooting and the amount of hair the doll has. I’ll see if we have a kitchen scale somewhere and get back to you asap.


i’ll take it!

my paypal is if you want to send me an invoice


Amazing! I’m a bit tied up at the moment but I will figure it out asap :slight_smile:


no rush :slight_smile:


Just sent the invoice! Once I have your address I can post it



Thanks so much :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’ll post it hopefully tomorrow once I can get down to the post office and get a special envelope xx


I posted it the day before yesterday so hopefully it’ll be with you soon!