ISO mohair recommendation

Hi guys…I normally us Karman mohair bought on Etsy. I have two mohair orders stuck in Russia and custom doll orders I need to get out.
I posted before and someone responded, even sent me pictures of the mohair they had for sale then just disappeared…
Since it looks like no one has Karman mohair for sale I’m hoping someone can at least recommend other mohair. The Karman mohair has a slight wave to it which allowed me to set curls on my dolls like the picture below. I’m hoping I can find some good recommendation of suppliers that have hair in stock…I’m getting pretty desperate.
Thx all :heart:


I sent you a PM (personal message) here with the hair you were looking for. Did you not see my message? :heart:

Hp baby locks super easy to root has the ability to be straight and curly


Sorry I just realized his curls are

kind of hard to see


Yeah I responded, twice. Did you not get my responses?

Kenzie that hair it just gorgeous!! Who carries it do you know we’re I can buy it? The name look familiar

HP babylocks is so expensive I almost got it and then chickened out. Is it worth the price tag?
Your babies are so beautiful :heart_eyes: who is the 3rd baby down? I had to do a triple take to make sure she wasn’t a real baby!

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You may also wanna try J’s Mohair.

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Wow, I am so sorry, I didn’t get any of those messages. Here are screenshots showing I received no responses from you. I did hear a little while ago some people having issues with their PM’s, but I didn’t think about it too much as it never happened to me before. Anyway, at this point I am willing to just send this to you if you pay for the shipping, even though it wasn’t either of our faults I still feel bad you waited so long.

Bountiful baby has it and macphersons will be caring it soon.

I would say it’s worth the price I can get almost 4 heads out of one bag (nb/0-3 size heads ) the third baby down is Charlotte by ping lau head with Johannah limbs

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Lisa I sent you a PM. Hopefully it will work this time. I’ll take both but only if you change me for them. Can’t thank you enough for your help. I sent my info. Let me know if you don’t get it. Thx again :heart:


I think I’m going to try so of the other mohair too. Nothing to lose :wink:
Thx for your help guys :heart::heart::heart:

I love Olga’s hair (Karman) and I also love Heike’s hair (HP Babylocks). Heike now sells curly hair as well as the regular. Im not sure if any of the US suppliers are selling it but she will sell directly. Here is her FB site, you just message her
She is in Germany but she may be able to tell you a shop in the US that is selling the curly hair. The only one I know of aside from ordering from her directly, is in Italy.

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I just ordered another color of mohair from Angora Mohtique, this is the third batch I’ve gotten from them. The colors are pretty and natural and the hair is nice and soft. And even in a pandemic the shipping is fast. I highly recommend.

I received your pm and sent you a pm:)

If you still have some I may also be interested

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Hi there! I actually am not looking to sell, I was just trying to help someone out. I would like to keep my little stash for future projects. :two_hearts:

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of course, I understand!

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Do you have any pictures on dolls?