ISO mohair (better, small amount)

Some of you know my babies and know that I only top root which means I don’t need a ton of mohair, it lasts me a while. I have purchased mohair from other artists who are finished rooting and have hair left over that they may not need or won’t be able to match and do another full head.

If you are that artists and are collecting bits I would be interested in buying it.

I just put in an order for 1/4 and 1/2 ounces of two colors but I like to have all kinds of colors on hand and I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg and be stuck with it forever.

Keep me in mind if you are cleaning our your hair stash.

I prefer “better” mohair. Ruby red and I parted ways a while back, but I still have a lot their straight blond and it’s actually nice.


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Hi…I can send you more than you will ever need, pm me if interested…

@Gabriell Delta Dawn Mohair… paid $50 for Half ounce.

I have 0.3 ounce left after using some. Will not need this color.
Light medium brown

$25 plus $2.50 shipping
PayPal Only
USA only

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Hi Hun… wanted to see if you wanted this. I purchased from another artist thought it was all the same color. But they are different shades of brown.

Just asking what I paid… $19.50 plus $2 shipping

Do you still have this?

If she is not interested I am :slight_smile:

The delta Dawn she bought already. I only have the silk effect but it’s very small amount of each.

Oh ok. Thanks