Iso Meg kit


Seconds fine. Needed asap. Thank you.


I may have one, I will check in the morning. Pretty sure I do tho.


Thank you!!! That would be great!


I looked everywhere and can’t find here. So I must have sold the kit at some point because I didn’t paint her. I’m sorry! Hope you find her!


Thank you for looking.


No problem!


I only have an older kit that needs stripping. It is covered in splotchy red paint. It was from someone else. Not sure you are feeling that adventurous or should I say desperate. I didn’t paint it so I have no idea what kind of paint it is though.


Thank you. I’ll keep looking first. Still needed.


Still in search of meg :sob:




I’ll check my stock. I think I have her.


That would be great!!! Thank you


I’ll check when I get home tonight. I’m sorry I forgot to look last night after I got home from church


I thought sure that I still had her, but I can’t find her. I’m so sorry. I must have sold her last year and didn’t remember it. I hope you can find her.


Thank you for looking , I appreciate it :heart:


Still need another Meg. If anyone wants to part with her…2nds fine. Thanks!:heart:


I will look today. Is she a tiny babe?


No I believe 19-20 inch. Thanks!!!


Ok, I’m thinking of Megan


Meg is on sale now. Did you ever find one?