ISO Joseph Awake or Asleep (3 months)

I’m in need of Joseph 3 months kits. Awake or Asleep. Also June 7 month kits awake or Asleep. Thanks!

I have 7 mo awake June with body eyes and plugs and rings if you’re interested!

Great! How much?

I can do $95 with shipping!

image image image

Awesome! I’ll take her. Can you send me a PayPal invoice?

That body won’t work for her. You’re showing a 3/4 limb body and June has full limbs.


I posted the wrong one… sorry

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Sorry I do have the right body let me get it out

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I sent you a message

If you have the 23" body for full limbs, I’ll take it.

Sorry I don’t. But I can take $15 off

Sounds good. Can you send me a PayPal invoice?

Yes and ty

Ok it has been sent and I’ll ship her out ASAP. Thank you

Can you please message me your mailing information As well.

I just sent the payment. Thanks!

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I have a Joseph 3 mos asleep

Good morning!
I already found a Joseph kit but could always use an extra one. I get a lot of orders for him. How much are you looking to get for the kit?

I could do $75 shipped ? He doesn’t have a body or CoA (he came with one but I lost it in the process of moving😅)

Sounds great! Can you send me an invoice through paypal? Thanks!