Iso - eyes


-24 mm eyes, half round in blue.

-20mm half round newborn gray.

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Jann’s Reborn Doll Eyes on FB she’s also on eBay

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Thanks for sharing! @342jda and @Simone

Do you want glass or plastic/poly?

Either would be great!

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Try Dolls so Real, I really like the Eyeco polyglass eyes, I like the newborn eyes, the Chuck Hazel and some of their browns and I have used Cornflower eyes before but on most babies they look unnatural. I get a lot of glass eyes, I have some full round, blown glass, and some flat backed ones. I live in Europe so I buy most of my glass eyes here because they are cheaper than the ones at Dolls so Real but they have some really nice ones there as well.

Here is the link for the 20mm newborn eyes but and the link for newborn medium blue grey