ISO Cheap kit for starting out!



I am very new to reborning (haven’t created one yet), but have known and researched about them for years, so I am now a bit familiar with the process. I am looking to purchase any cheap kit so that I can try out creating a baby doll of my own! I would especially love if someone has a complete kit for reborning (as in includes body, zip ties, parts, etc. No paint is needed).

Please contact me with what you have!


Take a look at the Bountiful Baby gallery. There are some cute, inexpensive kits.


I did, and they’re all so adorable, but with shipping and the bodies are a bit out of my price range. I’d be so afraid of ruining a perfectly good kit. That’s why I’m hoping that someone has a cheaper kit that they’d be willing to part with. I’d even take one of the small 10 inch kits!


@bountifulbaby has the best prices. If you are purchasing a kit with body, I believe their shipping price is rational. This is a very expensive hobby, we are lucky that BB gives us great prices and offers everything you need to make a baby. They even provide a free forum. Right now they are having great sales, take a look you can’t find their quality and prices anywhere else. You would need to be very lucky to find somethi g better. I dont recomend that you start with a small baby. Is better to begin with a newborn from 17 to 20" with no to many creases is the best way to start. BB has some nice once right know from $17 to $20.


If you get one of BB’s sale kits (scroll down to the bottom of the home page) and a cheap body, you can spend less than $35 including shipping (assuming you’re in the states). The bodies come with either the zip ties or string ties, depending on which you choose. The plugs and rings are optional, but they’re only 59 cents each. That’s probably the least you’re going to be able to find a complete kit, but someone on here may have something cheaper. Or you could start with a play doll from a thrift store, just to get your feet wet! Good luck with whatever you decide!


If you don’t bake your kits it’s pretty hard to completely ruin them because you can always strip it and start over. Just be careful with blue as it can permanently stain the vinyl if it’s too dark. What price range are you looking for? There are quite a few Bountiful Baby kits on sale for under $20. 10 inch Emma is only $8.95.


My suggestion that if you don’t want to spend the money yet do like a lot of us did when we first started, we practiced on a Thrift Shop Baby. I stripped my TSB with Acetone then started painting with cheap craft paint I had at home. It came out horrible but I learned a few techniques in the process. Good Luck with whatever you decide.


Ty everyone! I’ll have to search through the bountiful baby website. $9.00 is an amazing price for the Emma kit.

I may end up trying to reborn a Berenguer La Newborn… we’ll see. Does anyone have any opinions on the La Newborn dolls? Do they work well for reborning?


I would suggest a medium size kit to start out.
Such as teagan she is on sale now and the cheaper body is only 8.98
so it would be about 35.00 with shipping if your in the u.s.


I saw an Ember seconds on sale here on BB for $11.98 earlier. That’s really cheap for a kit!


That is cheap! I may go ahead and purchase one of those kits. I’d like to buy the pug kit too!


Seconds ember would probably be your best bet- she’s a good size and you can’t beat the price!