ISO cheap BB preemie kit

Does anyone have a cheap preemie kit for sale? Around 15-17 inches. I know they have a few in stock but figured I’d ask here first! Seconds are fine.

My dearest friend is having a new baby in a couple months. I want to paint a little baby for her 4 yr old daughter to receive when mommy has her baby.


I don’t have one, but that’s incredibly thoughtful


I have sleeping Lexi for $25 + shipping. She is 18" though.

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Such a good idea.

My daughter-in-law is doing the same for my grandson. She’s having her newest baby in July

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Just because you say she is 4,I would suggest repainting a berenguer full body LaNewborn.They make such lovely babies and are very realistic.I think they are 14-15 inch and the perfect size for a little one.

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What a cute idea!

I’d second the la newborn. It would be perfect for a 4 year old.

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Kaelin is on sale now. She is such a sweet size for a little one.


@Phassell, I was just about to suggest her

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I love Kaelin!

Thanks everybody! I missed Kaelin on sale and I ended up getting Bean! She’s definitely not the cutest or most realistic baby I’ve ever made but a 4 year old won’t care haha. She has brown eyes coming in the mail. And she still needs lashes.


Love the hair and eyebrows!

Oh wow she is so cute! I love her hair and can’t wait to see her with her brown eyes!