ISO Baby Boy Hand-Me-Downs for a Teen Mom


Cute little girls.


She looks precious, and of course she is. I can donate some cash via paypal. It would be great if you got a few cash gifts and then take her shopping. I know she would love it. Just like a Mom would take her daughter.


is a 3-6 mo Absorba set ok to send? It is really cute, NWT, figure she will need more than just newborn, but wanted to ask you first
if ok, please send me your address


Yes, thank you! All sizes are welcome since real babies grow so fast. I will PM you my address. :slight_smile:


Can you pm me your address as well. I have some things set aside to send. Looking to see what else I have.


Yes, and thank you! :slight_smile:


Send to me too please :slight_smile: I m still gathering but I do have some things !


Will do, thank you! :slight_smile:


I don’t have much by way of boy clothing I seem to always make girls. I do have a small amount though. Every little bit counts right😁. Can you pm me your address too


I sure will, and thank you!


Thank you so much for those who have sent clothing and money. The money was uased to purchase a beautiful bassinet and some diapers and wipes so the baby now has a place to sleep. :slight_smile: The mom-to-be surprised me with a visit last Tuesday and spent so much time looking at the clothes and carefully folding them. She was so grateful. :slight_smile:


This is the bassinet that she chose:


@ashleyfox98 any idea on what sizes she needs most? I am going through some of my stuff today and will set them aside if I have them. :blush:


I would say newborn to 6 months, but she could use more of all sizes. Thank you!


That’s great


Okay. I will see what I have. :blush:


I m still in process of my box too lol -I keep finding things to add lol


Working on mine too :wink:


I have the happiest update… My other daughter has moved closer to us and now I get to see her every Tuesday (my day off) to help make sure that she’s receiving proper medical care. She was absolutely overwhelmed with the gifts that have been sent and is so very grateful. I think she’s finally starting to feel at ease with the circumstances and not so stressed out. Thank you all so much for helping me help her get ready for baby Louie’s arrival. :slight_smile:


Now that’s a nice update! I’m happy for all!