ISO Baby Boy Hand-Me-Downs for a Teen Mom


A lot of hospitals give free car seats too to new parents who can’t afford them.


It’s challenging to be a teen today but to add the troubles of a broken home is devastating to a teen mother! Thankfully she has your family as her supporters. Even if she’s “to proud”, no that deep she’s great full!! Just showing her you understand her need to be strong and independent will make her feel very proud to be that sweet babies mother. Like she’s already confident she’ll be ok. Sorry I don’t have anything to give, my boys are 28,17 and 13. But I am proud of her just to hear she’s a strong woman!


Yes, I can accept cash via Paypal and will show receipts for what the cash is used to purchase. My Paypal rmail address is:

She currently lives about an hour away from me, so I can drive to her to take her shopping, or buy for the baby myself and deliver to her.


@Katinafleming and @grandian that’s really helpful information about the carseat. I will check in her area to see what’s available. :slight_smile:


@babymaw - This is the post about my pregnant friend that I’m helping.


I’m really proud of her too!


I was going to ask the same.


I will try to see what i have or can find. You might also want to contact Carol Green on face book . she works with newborns in need and they may have something in her area. Sometimes they even can help with cribs etc. :grinning:


Oh wow, thank you! I will look her up. :slight_smile:


That is so very kind of you to help her! I’ll send you a PM.


I was going to ask thanks


Ashley where can we send things? You want to private message me your address.


Yes. Thank you. I will private message my address to anyone who would like it.


@ashleyfox98 you are such a kind person!! I would like to help out as well. I will send you a pm :slightly_smiling_face:


Our health department did it…


I will check and see what I have. :blush:


I just wanted to give you guys a face to go with the story. These are pictures from 2 weeks ago, when my 2nd Child and I drove up to visit my 4th Child. (4th Child is the blonde, she’s trying to hide her belly, bless her.)

And here they are when 4th Child first entered our lives:


BEAUTIFUL!! (All three of y’all) :slight_smile:


That was the picture that prompted me to (finally) touch up my roots! But thank you, that is a genuine, joyful smile because I finally had my two girls together again. :slight_smile:


LOL!! Well, your hair looks just fine. But you are welcome, y’all really do look so happy!!