ISO a few kits -UPDATED


I have been reading on this forum for months, finally decided to create a topic and see if anyone happens to have any of these kits. I am searching for Clover, Kiwi, and Pearl all by Denise Pratt. If anyone has one they are willing to part with please let me know.

EDITED to add: wanting unpainted Pearl and Kiwi for reborning


@GrammysReborns may have them


Thanks!! Should I try to contact her or did you tagging her let her know about the post? Sorry, trying to figure out how this all works.


Let me check my stash, I know I have at least Pearl, I will check on Kiwi and clover.


Awesome!! Just let me know.


Is your Pearl unpainted? I forgot to add that in my post.


I have an unpainted Chaz but not sure if you are interested in that one.


My pearl is painted, sorry and I am out of Clover and Kiwi.
I do have an Alice by Simon Lauren’s but she is $120.00 plus shipping
I also have Binki, Chaz, Cici, these are unpainted


Awe man… I already have Binki, Chaz, and Cici. I believe I will pass on Alice. Thank you for looking though.


Found Clover, I still need blank Kiwi and Pearl.


Seconds is fine or even ones that need to be stripped.


Thank you, but I already have Chaz. And sorry, I thought I replied to your message too. Just noticed I didn’t.


No worries!




Still looking…Anyone…?




Updated again: To say maybe not. Clover was purchased, but I guess not promised. Doesn’t look like she is coming after all… :disappointed: still hopeful, but not looking good.


Had to file a dispute on “Clover lady” still looking for all three kits.


Oh my, that is so terrible :frowning: I really hope you find one


Wow! Has the person you bought it from been active on this forum at all lately? :confused: