ISO 18 or 19 inch body

Looking for a 19 inch or 18 inch body for Evelyn. I’d other from the BB website but I feel like shipping is so expensive :frowning:

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Do you know what number it is off hand?

BB has the least expensive shipping of flat rate of $7.95, unless you are not in US.

Yep the shipping stops me to.

Ok for big order but to much for the small items.

I understand. I wait until there is a sale where I can order several different items and then I feel better about the flat rate shipping. But, I know that we don’t always have that opportunity when we need it. Some people make doll bodies. I think someone on this forum makes them?

I am in Canada, I am not sure if the shipping will cost less but you can take a look if you want

I feel like it’s worth it if I’m ordering a lot of items but I dunno. I feel like $7 shipping is a lot for just one body.

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